Trade, Investment and Growth

Preliminary policy areas*:

  • New cooperation mechanisms to promote trade agreements
  • WTO role and reform agenda
  • Reconfiguration of global supply chains at time of crisis.
  • Trade in agriculture in post-pandemic world
  • Digital trade between protectionist drives and multilateral agreements.
  • MSMEs access to global value chains and trade finance.
  • The role of global trade governance in supporting economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis.
  • Trade restrictions on medical products throughout the pandemic and beyond.
  • Equitable access to vaccine distribution: the case for an enforceable COVID-19 trade and investment agreement
  • G20’s role in reforming industrial subsidies

*Please note that Task Forces’ priorities may be subject to changes/integrations until Task Forces’ co-chairs and members are fully identified

Lead Co-Chair:

Pier Carlo Padoan

Vice President, IAI