TF 4 – Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Policy areas:

  • Impact and potential of digital transformation on healthcare services and systems
  • A digital-led global recovery from COVID-19
  • Digital education/training to bridge the urban-rural divide, gender and age gap
  • Impact of new digital technologies and AI on employment and workplaces
  • Cyber security risks, threats, and data privacy
  • Global governance framework for data flows and AI
  • Aims and tools of competition policy in the digital economy
  • Private-public cooperation to strengthen digital infrastructures
  • Impact of digitalization on global value chains and services

Lead Co-Chair:

Maria Chiara Carrozza

President, Italian National Research Council (CNR); Former Italian Minister of Education, University and Research


Erica Borghard 

Senior Fellow – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Robert Fay  

Managing director of digital economy – CIGI

Dennis Görlich 

Research Director – Global Solutions Initiative

Paul Grainger 

Honorary Senior Research Associate – UCL Institute of Education

Syed Munir Khasru 

Chairman – The Institute for Policy Advocacy and Governance – IPAG

Pencho Kuzev  

Senior policy advisor on data policy – KAS

Oreste Pollicino 

Full Professor of Constitutional Law – Bocconi University; Member of the Executive Board – European Agency for Fundamental Rights


Alberto Guidi

Research Assistant (ISPI)

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