TF 9 – International Finance

International Finance

Policy areas:

  • Global financial safety net and post-pandemic challenges to financial stability
  • Governance and coordination of international financial institutions
  • External debt, financial sustainability and debt relief of developing and low-income countries
  • Transparency and corruption in international capital flows
  • Digital Money and Finance
  • Public and private debt sustainability: global monitoring and coordinated adjustment strategies
  • Evolution and coordination of central bank strategies and global financial cycle
  • Coping with new sources of financial instability: climate change, shadow banking, inequalities, AI
  • Finance and ESGs
  • Policy proposals to exit the COVID global recession

Lead Co-Chair:

Franco Bruni

Vice President and Co-Head, Centre on Europe and Global Governance – ISPI


M. Chatib Basri 

Indonesian former Ministry of Finance 2013 – 2014

Maria Demertzis 

Deputy Director – Bruegel

Kevin Gallagher 

Professor – Global Development Center – Boston University

Haihong Gao

Professor – Chinese Academy of Social Sciences – CASS

Akshay Mathur 

Director – ORF Mumbai

José Siaba Serrate  

Member – CARI

Domenico Siniscalco 

Vice-president – Morgan Stanley Europe


Carlo Mongini

Research Assistant (ISPI)

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