TF 10 – Migration


Policy areas:

  • Developing social protection strategies for asylum-seekers
  • Socio-economic inclusion of migrants in a post Covid-19 context
  • Devising policy solutions to improve integration of refugees in labour markets
  • Coping with climate change through resilient cities and plans for urban migration
  • Women agency and vulnerability to exploitation emerging from the migration experience
  • Improving vaccination coverage for migrants and refugees communities
  • Introducing good practices ensuring access to education for migrant students
  • Fostering the role of diaspora organizations and remittances
  • Return migration networks as key elements of post-pandemic development strategies
  • Devising new policy tools to reap the benefits of circular migration in countries of origin and destination

Lead Co-Chair:

Emma Bonino

Senator of the Italian Republic


Filippo Di Robilant

President – Italian Foundation for the United World Colleges

Ottilia Anna Maunganidze 

Head of Special Projects – Institute for Security Studies

Asli Selin Okyay  

Senior Fellow – IAI

Martin Ruhs 

Chair in Migration Studies and Deputy Director of the Migration Policy Centre (MPC) – European University Institute

Elena Sánchez-Montijano  

Research Professor – CIDE

Alessandra Venturini 

Full Professor of Political Economy – University of Torino


Luca Barana

Research Fellow (IAI)

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