Global Health and Covid-19

Preliminary policy areas*:

  • New initiatives and mechanisms to promote more coordinated responses to global health threats
  • Global strategies to ensure equitable, universal and high-quality healthcare
  • The role of regional and global recovery plans in dealing with the gendered impact of the health crisis
  • Involvement of vulnerable communities in the design and implementation of health responses
  • International initiatives to ensure universal access to medical treatments and vaccines
  • Strategies for ensuring safe access to workplaces and to education during health emergencies
  • Mechanisms to ensure timely and reliable exchange of information/data for effective decision-making on global health

*Please note that Task Forces’ priorities may be subject to changes/integrations until Task Forces’ co-chairs and members are fully identified

Lead Co-Chair:

Paola Testori Coggi

Special Advisor of the Italian Technological Cluster of Life Sciences Alisei