TF 2 – Climate Change, Sustainable Energy & Environment

Climate Change, Sustainable Energy & Environment

Policy areas:

  • Fighting climate change while relaunching the global economy
  • Just transition towards climate-neutral economies
  • Food and water security in the post-Covid19 scenario
  • Guidelines and objectives for sustainable cities
  • Aims, measures and tools to enhance the circular economy
  • Preserving marine biodiversity and natural protected areas
  • Green investments and the public-private link
  • Sustainable development education to empower the youth
  • Climate resilience in least-developed and developing countries

Lead Co-Chair:

Luiz De Mello 

Director of the Policy Studies Branch – Economics Department – OECD


Jun Arima 

Senior Policy Fellow for Energy and Environment – ERIA

Camilla Bausch 

Director – Ecologic Institute

Alexander Dynkin 

President – IMEMO

Luca Franza 

Head of the Energy Climate & Resources Programme – IAI

Marzio Galeotti 

Full Professor Università degli Studi di Milano

John Kirton

Director of the G7 Research Group G20 Research Group; Global Health University of Toronto

Noura Mansouri  

Research fellow – KAPSARC

Johan Swinnen 

Director General – IFPRI

Máximo Torero Cullen 

Chief Economist – FAO

Wang Wen 

Executive Dean & Professor – Chongyang Institute – Renmin University of China


Ruben David  

Research Assistant (ISPI)

TF2 Policy Briefs – Climate Change, Sustainable Energy & Environment

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