Social Cohesion and the Future of Welfare Systems

Preliminary policy areas*:

  • Impact of the pandemic on poverty and inequalities
  • Education and training: how to recover the ground lost during the lockdown
  • Remote working, productivity and wellbeing
  • Workers reallocation and the transition towards a greener economy
  • Women and the youth: enhancing labor market access and job opportunities for vulnerable groups
  • Aging societies, urbanization and sustainability of welfare systems
  • Public-private cooperation to improve welfare systems’ resilience
  • Providing fair access to social protection in a changing world of work
  • Tackling absenteeism, presenteeism, and work injuries at times of epidemic risk
  • Addressing social dumping
  • Well-being and social cohesion beyond GDP

*Please note that Task Forces’ priorities may be subject to changes/integrations until Task Forces’ co-chairs and members are fully identified

Lead Co-Chair:

Tito Boeri

Full professor of Economics at Bocconi University