The Future of Education after Covid. Leaving no one behind   ISPI, the T20 National Coordinator and Chair, and Fundação Getulio Vargas  are co-promoting the T20 Associated-event “The Future of Education after Covid. Leaving no one behind”, in cooperation with CIPPEC, Comexi, Fedesarrollo, OECD, and in association with UCL Institute of Education. This Public Event is preceded by a closed-door Workshop by invitation only (see the programme), [...]

T20 SPRING ROUNDTABLES2021-05-13T10:08:28+01:00

T20 Spring Roundtables

The next months will be crucial for the T20 think tank community to produce policy recommendations in view of the Italian G20 Summit in October. This series of T20-associated events (closed-door and public Roundtables) is intended as an occasion to broaden participation in the T20 by adding new voices of international experts, civil servants, and [...]

T20 Spring Roundtables2021-06-16T13:26:22+01:00
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