TF 5 – 2030 Agenda and Development Cooperation

TF5 2030 Agenda and Development Cooperation Policy areas: Funding debt relief in a post-COVID-19 world The role of the multilateral development system in response to the COVID-19 crisis: how to measure progress Promoting multidimensional approaches to tackle poverty Private sector engagement for the SDGs: [...]

TF 5 – 2030 Agenda and Development Cooperation2021-10-05T19:24:09+01:00

TF 4 – Digital Transformation

TF4 Digital Transformation Policy areas: Impact and potential of digital transformation on healthcare services and systems A digital-led global recovery from COVID-19 Digital education/training to bridge the urban-rural divide, gender and age gap Impact of new digital technologies and AI on employment and workplaces Cyber [...]

TF 4 – Digital Transformation2021-10-05T19:23:49+01:00

TF 3 – Trade, Investment and Growth

TF3 Trade, Investment and Growth Policy areas: WTO Reform agenda Digital trade: barriers to online trade, cross-border data flows, and SMEs access Investment: sustainability, screening and digital FDIs Trade and sustainable supply chains Industrial subsidies: domestic distortions and reform proposals SMEs and trade finance [...]

TF 3 – Trade, Investment and Growth2021-10-05T19:23:29+01:00

TF 10 – Migration

TF10 Migration Policy areas: Developing social protection strategies for asylum-seekers Socio-economic inclusion of migrants in a post Covid-19 context Devising policy solutions to improve integration of refugees in labour markets Coping with climate change through resilient cities and plans for urban migration Women agency [...]

TF 10 – Migration2021-10-05T19:25:43+01:00

TF 9 – International Finance

TF9 International Finance Policy areas: Global financial safety net and post-pandemic challenges to financial stability Governance and coordination of international financial institutions External debt, financial sustainability and debt relief of developing and low-income countries Transparency and corruption in international capital flows Digital Money and Finance [...]

TF 9 – International Finance2021-10-05T19:25:21+01:00

TF 2 – Climate Change, Sustainable Energy & Environment

TF2 Climate Change, Sustainable Energy & Environment Policy areas: Fighting climate change while relaunching the global economy Just transition towards climate-neutral economies Food and water security in the post-Covid19 scenario Guidelines and objectives for sustainable cities Aims, measures and tools to enhance the circular economy [...]

TF 2 – Climate Change, Sustainable Energy & Environment2021-10-28T14:34:47+01:00

TF 8 – Multilateralism and Global Governance

TF8 Multilateralism and Global Governance Policy areas: Reforming and relaunching existing multilateral institutions in a post-pandemic scenario Towards a more inclusive and multi-stakeholder international cooperation The future of multilateralism in trade, service and investment Social media and civil society engagement in multilateral endeavors Transparency and [...]

TF 8 – Multilateralism and Global Governance2021-10-05T19:25:07+01:00

TF 7 – Infrastructure Investment and Financing

TF7 Infrastructure Investment and Financing Policy areas: Local infrastructure financing: mechanisms, instruments and practices New perspectives of joint public-private financing to support green and sustainable infrastructures Filling the financing gap in key infrastructures New initiatives and mechanisms to support digital infrastructures Infrastructure maintenance and [...]

TF 7 – Infrastructure Investment and Financing2021-10-05T19:24:46+01:00

TF 1 – Global Health and Covid-19

TF1 Global Health and Covid-19 Policy areas: Equitable access and production of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines to confront Covid 19 globally and beyond Rapid alert of infectious pathogens and surveillance of human population for an effective control of outbreaks Investment and reform of the [...]

TF 1 – Global Health and Covid-192021-10-05T19:22:47+01:00
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