EU, US & CHINA. The Impossible Triangle? Global Economic Governance after the Pandemic The pandemic is fueling pre-existing economic tensions and rivalries among the three big world powers. From trade to finance and currency, the post-pandemic world looks increasingly fragmented and regionalised. While this may benefit regional organisations and interests, it ​can hamper global economic cooperation, with bleak [...]

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The Pandemic, Finance and the G20: What Lies Ahead?

Commentary by José Siaba Serrate, TF9 Co-Chair. Originally published on ISPI's website Multilateralism was in crisis well before the Covid-19 pandemic brought the global economy to its knees. And not even the Great Depression (1929-1932) created the incredibly deep, instant mess the world suffered in QII 2020 as all of a sudden, lockdown became the top [...]

The Pandemic, Finance and the G20: What Lies Ahead?2021-03-02T14:41:44+01:00
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