Task Force 6 – Preliminary Policy Recommendations

Preliminary findings and proposals by Task Force 6 on Social Cohesion and the Future of Welfare Systems Impact of the pandemic on poverty and social mobility The pandemic has increased poverty worldwide, created new inequalities overlapping with pre-existing ones and has reduced social mobility as the main social elevator got stuck between repeated school closures. [...]

Task Force 6 – Preliminary Policy Recommendations2021-07-12T14:49:04+01:00

How to empower women: a key challenge for the G20

Commentary by Guyonne Kalb, University of Melbourne. Co-Chair of TF6. Originally published on ISPI's website Over the past few decades, most developed countries have made substantial progress in increasing female labour force participation supported by policies assisting families to combine family responsibilities and work. Northern European countries are ahead in terms of family-friendly policies, and this is reflected in female labour [...]

How to empower women: a key challenge for the G202021-03-29T09:50:12+01:00
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