TF 5 – 2030 Agenda and Development Cooperation

TF5 2030 Agenda and Development Cooperation Preliminary policy areas*: COVID-19 and SDGs achievements in low- and middle-income countries The role of the multilateral development system in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Integrated approaches to public and private finance to support sustainable development: the role of [...]

TF 5 – 2030 Agenda and Development Cooperation2021-02-09T16:44:42+01:00

TF 4 – Digital Transformation

TF4 Digital Transformation Policy areas: Impact and potential of digital transformation on healthcare services and systems A digital-led global recovery from COVID-19 Digital education/training to bridge the urban-rural divide, gender and age gap Impact of new digital technologies and AI on employment and workplaces Cyber [...]

TF 4 – Digital Transformation2021-03-01T12:05:07+01:00

TF 3 – Trade, Investment and Growth

TF3 Trade, Investment and Growth Preliminary policy areas*: New cooperation mechanisms to promote trade agreements WTO role and reform agenda Reconfiguration of global supply chains at time of crisis. Trade in agriculture in post-pandemic world Digital trade between protectionist drives and multilateral agreements. MSMEs access [...]

TF 3 – Trade, Investment and Growth2021-02-08T12:15:13+01:00

TF 10 – Migration

TF10 Migration Preliminary policy areas*: Labor market integration and social inclusion of migrants and refugees in a post-COVID-19 world. COVID-19, changes in international and domestic supply chains: implications for labour migration The role of migrant workers in the provision of essential goods and services. The [...]

TF 10 – Migration2021-02-11T18:33:38+01:00

TF 9 – International Finance

TF9 International Finance Policy areas: Global financial safety net and post pandemic challenges to financial stability Governance and coordination of international financial institutions External debt, financial sustainability and debt relief of developing and low-income countries Transparency and corruption in international capital flows Cryptocurrency and fintech: [...]

TF 9 – International Finance2021-02-26T15:49:03+01:00

TF 2 – Climate Change, Sustainable Energy & Environment

TF2 Climate Change, Sustainable Energy & Environment Preliminary policy areas*: Fighting climate change while relaunching the global economy Just transition towards climate-neutral economies Food and water security in the post-Covid19 scenario Guidelines and objectives for sustainable cities Aims, measures and tools to enhance the circular [...]

TF 2 – Climate Change, Sustainable Energy & Environment2021-02-09T16:43:04+01:00

TF 8 – Multilateralism and Global Governance

TF8 Multilateralism and Global Governance Preliminary policy areas*: Reforming and relaunching existing multilateral institutions in a post-pandemic scenario Towards a more inclusive and multi-stakeholder international cooperation Strengthening and deepening climate governance The future of multilateralism in trade, service and investment Social media and civil society engagement [...]

TF 8 – Multilateralism and Global Governance2021-02-09T16:44:32+01:00

TF 7 – Infrastructure Investment and Financing

TF7 Infrastructure Investment and Financing Preliminary policy areas*: Local infrastructure financing: mechanisms, instruments and practices New perspectives of joint public-private financing to support green and sustainable infrastructures Filling the financing gap in key infrastructures New initiatives and mechanisms to support digital infrastructures Infrastructure maintenance and [...]

TF 7 – Infrastructure Investment and Financing2021-02-09T16:38:12+01:00

TF 1 – Global Health and Covid-19

TF1 Global Health and Covid-19 Preliminary policy areas*: New initiatives and mechanisms to promote more coordinated responses to global health threats Global strategies to ensure equitable, universal and high-quality healthcare The role of regional and global recovery plans in dealing with the gendered impact of [...]

TF 1 – Global Health and Covid-192021-02-09T12:16:07+01:00

TF 11 – Reforming the T20

TF11 Reforming the T20 Ideas, suggestions and proposals on this task force will be collected at a later stage Lead Co-Chair: Paolo Magri National Coordinator and Chair, T20 Italy Bio [...]

TF 11 – Reforming the T202021-02-08T15:35:23+01:00
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