The Pandemic, Finance and the G20: What Lies Ahead?

Commentary by José Siaba Serrate, TF9 Co-Chair. Originally published on ISPI's website Multilateralism was in crisis well before the Covid-19 pandemic brought the global economy to its knees. And not even the Great Depression (1929-1932) created the incredibly deep, instant mess the world suffered in QII 2020 as all of a sudden, lockdown became the top [...]

The Pandemic, Finance and the G20: What Lies Ahead?2021-03-02T14:41:44+01:00

Watch again the T20 Italy Inception Conference

Thank you all for joining our debates on "People, Planet and Prosperity" at the T20 Italy Inception Conference. Over 3000 registered participants from all over the world virtually came together and contributed to the success of the event! Have you missed a session of the 2-day Inception Conference? Or would you like to listen again [...]

Watch again the T20 Italy Inception Conference2021-02-10T14:30:04+01:00

Abstracts and Co-Chairs Composition

We are glad to share with you some information on the selected abstracts and on the Co-Chairs of the 11 Task Forces. Abstracts About 650 very competitive and high-quality policy brief abstracts were submitted by around 1,800 co-authors. Over 160 abstracts have been already selected by the Task Forces' Co-Chairs. Task Forces Co-Chairs We are [...]

Abstracts and Co-Chairs Composition2021-02-09T18:25:42+01:00

The G20 for People, Planet and Prosperity

The Inception Conference of the 2021 Think20 – the engagement group which serves as the ‘ideas bank’ of the G20 and brings together hundreds of leading international think tanks to provide policy recommendations to the G20 leaders - will be held on February 8 and 9 focusing on ‘ The G20 for People, Planet and [...]

The G20 for People, Planet and Prosperity2021-02-04T13:32:03+01:00

Towards T20 Inception Conference: Co-Chairs

With a view to building an inclusive and balanced T20 Italy, we are glad to share with you the geographical and gender composition of the top experts and personalities who have already accepted to serve as Co-Chairs of the T20 Task Forces. We are glad to announce and share the #T20Italy Virtual Inception Conference's skeletal [...]

Towards T20 Inception Conference: Co-Chairs2021-01-27T11:08:31+01:00

Handover event

The Chair of T20 Saudi Arabia passed the torch to the Chair of T20 Italy in a handover event on November 30th

Handover event2021-02-09T18:36:09+01:00
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