The goal of the T20 Global Policy Forum, with your help, is to enrich the policy recommendations that the T20 Italy will deliver to the G20 on the occasion of the T20 Summit (October 4-6 2021). T20 Italy Task Forces – coordinated by ISPI and IAI – are currently drafting a set of Policy Briefs from which the final T20 policy recommendations will be drawn.

Please spare a few minutes of your time to fill this survey, featuring preliminary/partial findings and recommendations emerged from the T20 Task Forces so far. You can click on the list of Task Forces below and access the specific findings/recommendations with boxes where you may add your own ideas/comments/proposals.

Click “Submit” when you are done with each Task Force. Then, click “Continue” if you would like to provide further inputs to other Task Forces, or click “Exit Survey“.

Many thanks for your precious contribution to the T20 community.

TF 1

Global Health and Covid-19

TF 2

Climate Change, Sustainable Energy & Environment

TF 3

Trade, Investment and Growth

TF 4

Digital Transformation

TF 5

2030 Agenda and Development Cooperation

TF 7

Infrastructure Investment and Financing

TF 8

Multilateralism and Global Governance

TF 9

International Finance

TF 10