T20 Italy Final Communiqué

Last year brought about new, unforeseen challenges for the global community.

COVID-19 pandemic came completely unexpectedly, putting the world’s health systems and economies under severe stress. Over 4.5 million people died because of coronavirus: vaccines are now available, but their production and distribution are too slow and unequal.

The pandemic left us with 124 million new poor, 33 million newly unemployed, and almost 500 million students at risk of being left out of education.

These urgent challenges have added to existing issues and trends such as climate change and global warming, rising inequalities, digital transition, and a shaky multilateral system.

Today, as we are still striving to get out of this global health, economic and social emergency, the G20 under the Italian Presidency has been trying to capture the spirit of a forthcoming “great realignment” by building upon the three “pillars” of its agenda – “People”, “Planet” and “Prosperity”. However, we should be fully aware that the relaunch of multilateral efforts is much needed to deliver on these issues.

The contribution of the “Think 20” – the “ideas bank of the G20” – adheres to this framework, offering concrete, realistic and feasible policy recommendations, which can support G20 countries and the international community at large in facing today’s daunting challenges.