Responsible to Protect: G20 tackling the global nutrition pandemic

IAI, T20 National Co-Chair and ACTION Global Heath Advocacy Partnership are organizing the webinar “Responsible to Protect: G20 tackling the global nutrition pandemic”, which will be held online on July 21, 2021 from 15-16.30 CEST.

The event will be opened with the welcome remarks from Marina Sereni, Italian Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and will see the participation of panellists from some key institutions like WHO and the World Bank.

During the webinar we will present and discuss a briefing paper on the impact of COVID-19 on nutrition and the role of the Italian G20 Presidency in promoting more sustainable and nutritious food systems. The webinar will also look at potential synergies between the G20 decision making process and other key events that will take place in the upcoming months such as the September UN Food Systems Summit and the December Nutrition for Growth Summit.