Investment in Green Infrastructure: Paving the Way to the Private Sector

Investments in infrastructure are considered as a major driver of economic growth. They are a mean of job creation directly and indirectly, through peripheral activities as well as productivity enhancement. According to the latest estimates by the Global Infrastructure Hub, global investments in infrastructure stand around $79 trillion while the investment needs are around $94 trillion. The current level of participation of the private sector is far from closing that gap. In the African continent, this gap is estimated at $68 to $108 billion dollars according to estimates by the African Development Bank. Furthermore, the current crisis related to the covid-19 as well as the climate risks that the world is facing are calling for an approach to infrastructure based on objectives of sustainability. The world is facing a momentum to act a shift in the paradigm of infrastructure building towards resilient green infrastructure. However, reaching these objectives requires diversifying the structure of financing by enhancing the participation of the private sector.

This webinar will shed the light on the mechanisms and the proposals at stake at the G20 and T20 discussions to set the path toward green and resilient infrastructure. The event is organised by the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) in collaboration with the Policy Center for the New South, within the framework of the T20 Spring Roundtables.


The webinar will be broadcast live on the Policy Center for the New South’s social media platforms: YouTubeFacebook and Twitter