The Quest for a Circular Carbon Economy

ISPI, the T20 National Coordinator and Chair, and KAPSARC are co-hosting the T20 Associated-event “The Quest for a Circular Carbon Economy”, in cooperation with the G20 Research GroupIEE JapanOECD and the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. This Public Event is preceded by a closed-door Workshop by invitation only (see the programme), intended as an occasion to broaden participation in the Task Force (TF) “Climate Change, Sustainable Energy and Environment”.

Limiting global warming to below 1.5°C has become an imperative of our times that can be met only by reducing the greenhouse gases emitted in the atmosphere. The Circular Carbon Economy (CCE) approach is an energy strategy that aims at reducing, reusing, recycling and removing carbon and it could play a critical role in advancing the hard-to-abate sectors towards carbon neutrality.

What measures should be taken to successfully implement the CCE? How to make the best use of innovative technologies to further advance cleaner energy transition? What role can be played by international fora (such as the G20) to advance the CCE strategy?